Many thanks to the individuals who have made their photographs of the Souq Waqif Doha and surrounding areas available for use in this web site by declaring them to be Creative Commons.


Souq Waqif in the evening   Hotel Souq Waqif   closing time of Souqs

by Wesley Fryer


Pet shops in the souq

by Rachel Zack


Carpet selling in Souq Waqif   Road side restaurants at the souq

by John Mahaffle


Souk Waqif Iraqi food

by Naseer Alkhourl


Al Markhiya gallery, Doha

by Isabell Schulz


Traditional falconry in Qatar   Museum of Islamic Art Centre (MIA) in Doha   Street view of Souq Waqif

by Jan Smith


Corniche Promendade Doha   Katara Village Doha

by Paul Trafford